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Compostion of Paper

Paper is generally made from wood pulp that is suspended in water, and matted into sheets.  The least expensive way to do this is thru mechanical pulping, which yields twice as much pulp versus chemical pulping.  Consequently, paper made from mechanical pulps is often cheaper than that made with bleached chemical pulps.  Mass-market paperback books, and newspapers use these mechanical papers.  Paper made from mechanical pulp contains significant amounts of lignin, a major component in wood.  Bleached paper does not.

Alternatively, cotton paper is superior in both strength and durability to wood pulp based paper.  Certain cotton fiber paper is known to last hundreds of years without appreciable fading.  Cotton paper is used in banknotes, and are typically made from 75% cotton and 25% linen.

Causes of Paper Deterioration

Generally, there are two types of  deterioration that can affect your paper collectibles.  One is biological deterioration caused by insect attack and/or fungal growth.  The other is caused by adverse environmental condtions, which include high levels of humidity, light, and atmospheric pollutants.

I won't discuss insect attack since this is self-explanatory.  However mold or fungal growth is conditioned upon condensation or moisture due to high levels of humidity.  When both temperature and humidity are uncontrolled, mold spores can attack paper.

As you may know, light is also a major contributor and primary cause of paper deterioration.  Remember I mentioned lignen above as a component of wood pulp.  Well lignen, in the presence of light and oxygen, reacts and turns paper yellow.  This is the same yellowing you would see in comic books that have not been stored properly.

Light can also cause damage to pigments and dyes, including ink.  UV rays and fluorescent light can cause rapid and serious deterioration.  Unfortunately, the reactions initiated by light continue after the source has been removed.

Most importantly, your comic holder from the grading company is not air-tight, therefore, the same corrosive gases that can harm non-ferrous metals can also harm paper and accelerate paper deterioration. 

Without being repetitive, I urge you to read about the impact of corrosive gases under our Coin Products page.  As equally important, these same corrosive gases also affect ferrous metals, the same materials that staples are made of.  Therefore any contact staples have with corrosive gases will cause the staples to oxidize (in other words, RUST). If severe enough this oxidation will bleed into the pages.

The Solution:

Coin Armour products utilize Intercept Technology™ in the production of storage bags and other storage products for the long-term preservation from the harmful effects of corrosion.  When it comes to currency and comic collectibles, we have also added UV Protection to our bags.

As previously mentioned, Intercept Technolgy ™ effectively neutralizes corrosive gases and literally halts Corrosion in its track.

I believe this provides better protection than Mylar. Why...first of all our bags seal with a zipper, whereas Mylar does not.  Therefore, corrosive gases can enter your storage environment.  Second, while Mylar may provide a barrier against harmful gases, it cannot remove gases trapped inside the bag...Intercept Technology ™ can and does. 

In short, Intercept Technology™ provides effective protection from not only atmospheric corrosion, but also fungi attack.

  • The inert material will not out gas (release corrosive gases) like charcoal based products.
  • Is non toxic, non abrasive and temperature independent
  • Protects items for up to 10 years per mil of material thickness.
  • Does not leave deposits on items it protects.
  • Does not contain volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI).
  • Cleans trapped air of harmful gases making a micro-environment free of corrosive gases
  • Offers protection from fungi attack

Please feel free to visit our store.  We currently only have a limited number of products available, but we plan to add more in the near future. 








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