About Intercept

Intercept Technology is the most advanced packaging system invented because of its comprehensive protection, cleanliness, field performance, safety, simplicity, and design flexibility.

Developed by Bell Labs, Intercept was specifically designed to overcome the shortcomings of traditional packaging materials in the field. Quite simply, it creates an active barrier – rather than a passive one – and shrouds your assets with a stronghold of one-of-a-kind corrosion control.

Intercept provides something different that other packaging cannot: a reactive barrier to corrosive gases.  Traditional materials like foil packaging are simply passive barriers.  Foil packaging demands complete hermetic seals, where even a single pin-hole in the foil or break in the seal can render packaging ineffective. 

Non-ferrous metals, such as Silver, have no humidity dependency, so foils and dry packaging offer no real protection. These metals corrode primarily due to corrosive gases, not moisture.  They require other packaging materials which depend on volatile chemicals and oils.  These packaging products have a definite shelf life and a limit to their usefulness. 

Intercept Works Better

Intercept performs as a active barrier.  The scientists as Bell Labs invented a method to transform normal plastic into a high gas barrier material utilizing copper reacted into the plastic molecular chain.  By reacting it into a polymer it is locked into place.  Intercept is approved by NASA for space flight, as well as Intel for wafer storage and for transporting wafer tools - which requires the highest and most stringent testing, ensuring that no copper particles can come out or be liberated from the film.

The Intercept material becomes a torturous path for corrosive gases - including Sulfur, Chlorine, Ozone, Nitrous gases, etc.  Intercept's robust protection prevents gases from penetrating the bag, plus Intercept cleanses the interior air space, creating a neutralized microenvironment inside - free from destructive corrosive gases.  By eliminating the fuel for corrosion, you're protecting your assets and all their components; both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  Intercept contains no oils, no volatiles, and no contaminates, and it does not outgas.




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